Ladislau Nicolae Vékás

PhD in physics

Member of the Romanian Academy 2021
Coresponding member of the Romanian Academy 2012

Scientific secretary of Timișoara Division
Director of Center for Fundamental and Advanced Technical Research (CFATR), Romanian Academy – Timisoara Branch

Web of Science ResearcherID: HTO-0296-2023


SCOPUS Author ID: 7003481773


Mail: Romanian Academy – Timisoara Branch, Center of Fundamental and Advanced Technical Research, Laboratory of Magnetic Fluids, M.Viteazu Ave. #24, Timisoara RO-300223, Romania

Research interests:

Firm background in physics of magnetic materials and colloids

– Instrumentation and measurement methods in flow and magnetic properties of magnetizable fluids

– Magnetic nanofluids/ferrofluids and magnetorheological fluids

Teaching experiences (two courses: “Magnetohydrodynamics and energy Conversion” and “Magnetohydrodynamics of Magnetic Fluids and Applications of Magnetic Fluids” in the period 1978-1992)