Victor Sofonea

PhD in physics(1996), senior researcher (CS1)

Web of Science ResearcherID: C-9927-2009


SCOPUS Author ID : 6701618099 

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E-mail: sofonea[at] victor.sofonea[at] victor.sofonea[at]

Mail: Romanian Academy – Timisoara Branch, Center of Fundamental and Advanced Technical Research, Laboratory of Magnetic Fluids, M.Viteazu Ave. #24, Timisoara RO-300223, Romania

Research interests:

– physics of ideal and non-ideal fluids

– multiphase fluids

– Enskog-Vlsov fluids

– rarefied gas physics

– transport phenomena and structure formation in fluids

– non-equilibriumm flows

– microfluidics

– numerical methods in fluid mechanics

– High performance computing on multicore systems and/or Graphics Processing Units